Vihuela bibliography

This does not pretend to be a comprehensive bibliography, but it contains details concerning the principal sources concerning the instrument and its music, and the principal works of musicological research concerning all aspects relating to the instrument, its music, and its social context. 

I. Sources, facsimiles, editions

  1. • Printed & manuscript sources 

  2. • Sources for “tecla, arpa y vihuela” — Theoretical treatises — Miscellaneous song editions


II. Studies 

  1. • General studies, Inventories and bibliographic studies 

  2. • Instruments 

  3. • History

  4. • Music — Repertory, musical style, theory — Arrangements of vocal polyphony — Songs for vihuela and voice

  5. • Interpretation and performance practice

  6. • The vihuela in America — The viola da mano in Italy

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